Youth Program

(Normal $350)
(Early Bird before 12 April 2019)

10 Week Term Pass

Current term: Starts 15 April 2019
(1 session per week)

For All Ages 7+
Improve your child’s Agility, Speed, Strength & Endurance.



We offer Three Key Groupings for All Ages 7+ within the Youth program as follows :

TUESDAY 5:00pm | THURSDAY 5:00pm | SUNDAY 10:00am

Our Youth Active Classes are tailored towards improving your child’s functional coordination, balance, speed & agility. Your child will participate in fun and exciting activities like relays, obstacle courses and reaction drills. Designed to teach your child to STAY ACTIVE.

MONDAY 5:00pm | WEDNESDAY 5:00pm | FRIDAY 5:00pm

Our Youth Excel Classes have been designed to accelerate Young Athletes that are already participating in Competitive Sports. This program will improve your Young Athlete’s functional efficiency through targeted strength, stamina and agility training. Designed to help your Young Athlete EXCEL.

MONDAY 6:00pm | WEDNESDAY 6:00pm | SUNDAY 11:00am

Our Youth Level+ (only for children 14+) are meant for the Teenage Athlete who is looking for Cross Training to supplement their existing Sports Training. The program will be a mixture of strength, conditioning and agility work. Designed to bring your Teenage Athlete to the next LEVEL+.

*If you are unsure which Group your Child will be most appropriate in, please select the Youth Active group. Don’t Worry. Our coaches will be continually assessing your Child’s progression and will provide you timely feedback if a change in grouping will benefit your child. Please note that payment is non-refundable and unused sessions cannot be carried forward to the following term. Payment must be paid in advance before the term starts and all make-up sessions are to be completed within the current term. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.