Speed Fitness Youth Program July 2021


(6 week program – once a week)

Starts 21st June 2021
Now limited to 8 per class to enhance each class experience.

For All Ages 9+
Improve your child’s Agility, Speed, Strength & Endurance.


Youth 9-13yrs old

MONDAY 5:00pm | TUESDAY 11:00am | WEDNESDAY 5:00pm

Young Adult 14-17yrs old


We will be combining both our Strength & Conditioning and Speed & Agility training programs for all our Youth 9-13 yrs old sessions during this term.

Strength and Conditioning
Our Strength (Youth) Resistance Training is a great way to enhance various means of sports performance and mental development. Your child will learn efficient movement patterns and increase their strength and explosiveness which will help them be more proficient in any sport and decreases the occurrence of injuries.

Speed and Agility
Our Speed and Agility (Youth) Training
 is a fun and focused way to introduce young and developing athletes to better movement and sports performance. We will focus on running technique, athletic coordination, balance and the introduction of essential muscular movement patterns. This will help your child’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, increased speed, better agility and long – term enjoyment of sports participation.

*Our coaches will be continually assessing your Child’s progression and will provide you timely feedback if a change in grouping will benefit your child. Please note that payment is non-refundable and unused sessions cannot be carried forward to the following term. Payment must be paid in advance before the term starts and all make-up sessions are to be completed within the current term. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

To find out more please feel free to drop in or contact us:

Tel: +65 6314 2313
WhatsApp: +65 9861 1340

Speed@Horsecity |100 Turf Club Road | Singapore