Coach Daryl

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Daryl Chia is a senior performance coach at Speed who graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bsc in Exercise and Sports Science with Honors. He has worked with many youths during his time in Australia as a performance coach, specializing in improving an individual’s speed and agility. He believes on the importance of long-term athletic development in youths in order to reduce the risk of injury and improve their sports performance.


Coach Zee

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Zee is a performance coach at Speed and holds a Diploma of Sports and Exercise Science. He is currently pursuing a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from Edinburgh Napier University. He has extensive experience working with children and helping them improve their physical literacy and fitness. Zee is an avid sportsman and has a great passion for rugby. He has represented the Singapore rugby team in several tournaments. He is always looking for interesting and novel ways to approach fitness and enjoys pushing his clients out of their comfort zone in order to achieve their fitness goals.


Coach Syaqir

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Syaqir is a performance coach at Speed Fitness who holds a degree in Sports Science and Management from the Nanyang Technological University. He believes it is important that a client remains focused on his form and technique during training sessions to prevent injuries. He enjoys helping clients achieve their fitness goals and feel stronger by providing them with detailed training programs which include core and strength work. Syaqir was a professional football player for many years and is still currently enjoying playing socially.


Coach Bob

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Bob is a performance coach at Speed and specialises in coaching track & field athletes. He is a certified IAAF level 1 coach and also a certified ASCA physical trainer. He has taken numerous trainings for people from different age groups and enjoys helping individuals achieve their desired fitness goals. Bob loves to see his clients walk out the gym with a smile after a good session of physical training. In addition to his training schedule, Bob has certifications in Sports Massage from Sports Medicine Australia and Postural Correction under ISA (International Sports Academy).


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Haiqal is a group fitness instructor with a Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science. He is a certified ASCA physical trainer and Crossfit Level 1. In addition to strength and conditioning, Haiqal has a certification in Sports Massage and Posture Correction under ISA. He is currently completing his Sport Science degree under Edinburgh Napier University. As a freelance trainer, Haiqal balances his work schedule between Speed, F45 & GroundZero as a HIIT instructor, as well as a Sports Massage therapist with Home United Football Club and the National Track and Field athletes. On a personal level, Haiqal was in the army for 5 years and as an avid Crossfit follower he was given the opportunity to create a new fitness programme for the Officer Cadet School in SAF. Haiqal believes in building a healthy community by helping individuals to achieve their personal fitness goals.


Coach Jonathan

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Jonathan is an ACE Certified Performance Coach and has been in the fitness industry for 5 years. He was previously with Virgin Active coaching various classes including Zuu and Ankorr but he is most passionate about Boxing and Circuit/HIIT. He made his debut for the Singapore National Rugby Team in 2016 and continues to enjoy being part of the team representing Singapore at SEA Games. Jonathan believes in the importance of taking good care of your body and is passionate to help his clients achieve their fitness goals.