Speed Sports and Fitness offers a wide variety of athletic and functional conditioning programs to meet the needs of athletes and aspiring athletes of all levels aged 7 to adult. The coaches at Speed Fitness use the latest in training techniques and technology to assist you in maximizing your athletic potential. Our dynamic and challenging workouts are guaranteed to increase your fitness level, improve your overall athleticism, and get your heart pumping!


Performance Coaches at Speed Sports and Fitness use the latest in technology and training techniques coupled with sound motivational support to bring the best out of your developing athlete. The programs at Speed Fitness are designed to improve speed, strength, endurance, agility, coordination and power to establish and refine solid fundamental athletic skills from which to build a lifelong enjoyment of sport, recreation and physical activity.


The programs at Speed Sports and Fitness are designed to help you reach your athletic goal whether it be running a marathon or being functionally fit for everyday life. Our performance coaches are experts at bringing the best out our athletes and are motivated to help you attain a level of fitness enabling you to perform at peak performance at whatever activity in which you participate.

Team Training

Coaches, do you want to get the most out of your team? Reduce the risk of injury? Get better athletic performance from your players? We help to make your job easier and your sessions more productive. Knowing your players are physically fit, you as a coach, can focus on team strategy and technical skill, not on the basics of fitness.


Fitness assessments are a key component in starting an effective exercise program and can be an invaluable tool for tracking your progress. The results of your fitness evaluation will provide you with extensive feedback on your current health and fitness levels, will highlight areas where improvement is needed, and will identify realistic targets based on your overall fitness goals.

Weight Loss

Speed Sports and Fitness’ weight-loss programs take the guess work and the excuses out of lifestyle change. We give you the tools, the knowledge, the power and most importantly the assistance and support to guide you on the path to a healthier, leaner you!