Self Service System – FAQs

What is the Self-Service system?

The Self Service system that Speed has introduced allows members to pre-book classes, update their contact details and view class schedules at their convenience. Everything can be done online and through your mobile phone, laptop, Ipad etc.

How does this system work?

You will be sent an email from us to create a username and password for your account. Once you’re logged in you will be able to view and book our group classes!

Am I still able to show up to a class without booking online?

Yes, as long as the class is not full. You will be able to sign in online using the Ipad at the front desk. However, we would encourage you to plan and pre-book your spot in order to avoid disappointment.

Will the class sizes change or will the class types change?

We will not be changing anything about the classes. Our maximum class sizes depend on the class type but typically range between 16 to 25 members per class.

How far in advance of each class am I able to book?

You are able to view our schedule and book our classes 2 weeks in advance.

How many classes can I book at any given time?

You are able to book as many classes as you like, as long as you have enough sessions in your current package.

Can I book online without a package?

No, you must have a current package to book online. You are able to purchase a package online prior to making a booking. However, please note that the system is not able to accept payments – payments can be made at the studio or on our website

What happens if I’ve made a booking but unable to attend class?

You are able to cancel your booking 12 hours before the session. One session will be deducted from your package if there is a ‘no show’ and we were not notified earlier.

Can my friends or family members use my booking in any class?

Each member on our system will be given their own account to log in. Shared packages can still be used to book a class using individual accounts. We are currently working on linking family relationships on the system, you will be able to view this online once it has been completed.

Can I book a class on behalf of others?

No, you are only able to book a class for yourself.

I am a Classpass member, do I need to book a class using Speed’s Self-Service system?

No, please book your classes accordingly on your Classpass app.

Is this applicable to my Personal Training/Private Group/Youth Program?

No, this booking system is only applicable for our Adult Group classes.